Making your game
Does the video uploader (bride / groom) need to download the app too?
No, your uploader does not need to download the app too (although they might want to make their own game!). They will be directed to upload their answers via a web link. They can do this directly from their smartphone and do not require a desktop device
How long does it take for the game to be made once the video answers have been uploaded?
It could take up to 10 minutes for the videos to be stitched into your bespoke game
How many questions can I add to the game?
Up to 20 questions
Can I create a second game?
You can create a new game but this will delete your existing game i.e you can only have one game ready to play at a time
Can I change the questions once they have been submitted?
My uploader has finished their videos and my game isn't ready to play
Step 1) Check that your uploader has actually submitted their videos. If they can still see the videos on their upload screen then they haven't been submitted!

Step 2) If the videos are definitely submitted and you still don't have your game, please contact us
I think I entered the wrong email address for the video uploader...what should I do?
There's always one...contact us
Uploading the video answers
Do I need the app to upload the video answers?
No. Open the weblink you received in your email on any device and get uploading!
What format do my videos need to be in?
Your videos need to be in mp4 format to be uploaded successfully. If you are uploading from an iPhone it will just work. Anything else check the file extension and if necessary use an online converter
My video uploads are failing, why is this happening?
The most likely reason for this is that your internet connection is not strong enough to support uploading your video. Connect to wifi and try again. If this does not work try the following:

1) Make sure you are only uploading one video at a time

2) Check your file format - is it mp4?

3) Still not working? Contact us
I've uploaded all my videos but the game isn't ready yet
Make sure you've pressed 'Send'!
Playing your game
How do I play this back on a big screen?
Your game can be played in the following ways:

1) Play in the app on your phone

2) Download the app on your tablet. Log in to your account - your finished game will be waiting for you to play!

3) Follow the weblink to play on any internet enabled device e.g. laptop. You will find this link in the email notifying you your game is ready to play

4) Airplay to your AppleTV from your phone!
Do I need an internet connection to play the game?
You need an internet connection to download your game but not to play it.

If you are playing in the app, you only need to download the game once and can then play offline.

If you are playing in your browser (i.e via the weblink), you will have to download the game every time you play.
Can I test the game out / play it more than once?
Of course! Try it out / play as many times as you like before the big day
Can I pause the game?
Yes. You can play entirely at your own pace
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